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Benefits of Probiotics for Your Pets

Benefits of Probiotics for Your Pets


Learn about the Pros of Probiotics!


Pets are like members of the family. Pet parents ensure that their pets have food and water, toys and treats, and comfortable places to sleep. Taking care of your pet's health is essential in pet ownership.


Regular exercise and yearly checkups are part of a good health routine for your pet. However, there are other things that you can do that will help your pet feel better and stay healthier. One of those things is adding probiotics to their daily routine.



What Are Probiotics?

People and animals have bacteria in their guts that help them process food, absorb nutrients, and eliminate waste. Bacteria can become unbalanced from illness, antibiotics, some maintenance medications, or dietary choices. Rebalancing their gut bacteria can improve overall health.

Pet health can be significantly affected when gut bacteria are not balanced. Your pet can suffer from many different conditions, including behavioral problems, when they do not feel well. Some of the issues your pet may experience include the following:


Upset Stomach and Inability to Digest Food

Some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to stomach upset and digestion issues than others. Adding probiotics to your dog’s their daily diet can help them get the most nutrients from their food. When your dog can process food better, they will feel and act better.



Skin Allergies

If your pet seems to be continually fighting skin allergies, it may be from an imbalance in their stomach bacteria. Skin reactions are often intertwined with an immune response. If you rebalance their system by adding probiotics, you can see a dramatic change in skin reactions.


Dull Coat and Bad Breath

Not being able to absorb all the nutrients from their food can cause pets to have a dull coat, experience hair loss, and have bad breath. Adding probiotics for dogs to their daily diet can help improve nutrient absorption and help eliminate toxins from their system.



Positively Impact Behavior

When your dog does not feel great, they can be moody. They may even develop calming habits like licking their paws constantly or doing repetitive acts. If your pet is not acting "normal" and you do not find any other causes, it may be because they are not feeling well or not getting enough nutrition to stay healthy. Adding a probiotic can help them feel and act better.


Probiotics Help Older Pets

As our pets age, they need special care. Adding probiotics ensures that they are getting the most nutrition from their food. Having a good probiotic balance in their system can also help reduce inflammation, which can help with physical aches and pains.


Adding Probiotics to Your Pets Routine Is Easy

If you believe that adding probiotics to your pet's daily routine will be helpful, you will join millions of pet owners who agree. Probiotics work for our pets just like they work for us. Adding them to your pet's diet will help improve their health and happiness.

You can find pet probiotics in pill, liquid, and powdered forms. Most stores that sell pet food or pet vitamins will also carry probiotics. You can also find these nutritional supplements online from many retailers and vitamin distributors who sell probiotics for people.

If you are unsure if probiotics will help your dog or cat, speak with your veterinarian. They can recommend which probiotics will suit your pet the best and give you other recommendations for optimal pet health.



Healthy Happier Pets

When you begin giving your pet probiotics, you can expect to see a difference in their health and happiness quickly. It takes little time for their gut bacteria to get balanced once they have the right probiotics added to their diet.

If you’re interested in improving your pet’s life beyond probiotics, Richell USA can help. Our pet products like carriers and feeders are available nationwide at retailers near you.

Have questions about a product? Contact us today to learn more about anything we manufacture. We’re ready to keep your pet healthy and happy.



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