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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list our Frequently Asked Questions page that provides answers to the most commonly asked questions related to our services and products.

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What is the width of the Convertible Elite Pet Gate 4-panel and 6-panel when they are set up as a freestanding gate?

When used as a freestanding gate, the Convertible Elite Pet Gate 4-Panel is 64.5” wide; the Convertible Elite 6-Panel is 130” wide.

What is the width of the Convertible Elite Pet Gate when it is set up in a zig-zag pattern as a room divider?

When used as a room divider, the Convertible Elite 4-Panel is 91.7” wide; the Convertible Elite 6-Panel is 135.8” wide. Please note because the position of the angles can vary when used in this set up that the overall widths may vary as well.

What are the dimensions of the Convertible Elite Pet Gate when used as a pet pen for both the 4-panel and 6-panel?

When used as a pet pen, the Convertible Elite 4-Panel is 31.5” W x 36 “L x 31.5” H, the 6-Panel Pen is 31.5”W x 69”L x 31.5”H.

What is the width of the Convertible Elite Pet Gate’s Optional Panel / Door?

When used without the Coupling Rod, the panel/door dimensions are 31.5”W x 0.8”D x 31.5”H; when used with the Coupling Rod, the panel/door dimensions are 33.5”W x 0.8”D x 31.5”H.

Does the Convertible Elite Pet Gate have something on the bottom to keep it from skidding like the Freestanding Gates do?

Yes, the Convertible Elite Pet Gate has Rubber Feet on each Panel to protect floor surfaces and to prevent skidding.

How can I order replacement parts such as Coupling Rods/ Panels/ Trays?

These parts are not for sale as a replacement parts. However, we can verify the return department for availabilities. If it is available in good salable condition, we can offer for purchase. (shipping and handling fee will apply)if I do not see on your website?

Do you have optional extension panels for your Freestanding Pet Gates?

Richell’s Freestanding Pet Gates do not have optional panels for purchase. These gates are specifically designed to stand at the overall width and depth for safety reasons. Adding panels is not recommended as this could compromise the overall integrity of the gate’s design.

How much space is between the wires on your Freestanding Pet Gates?

The approximate width between the wire slats on all of our Freestanding gates is 1.25”; the wire gage is 7 Gage or 0.144".

I just received my One-Touch Pet Gate, Hands-Free Pet Gate and it has a gap between the frame and the gate door that doesn’t look right, is it defective?

At first glance, your One-Touch gate will have a “V-shaped” gap between the gate door and the main frame. This is not a defect. This gap will close properly as you tighten the Adjuster Knobs at installation. The Adjuster Knobs are designed to control the entire set up of the gate once the Adjuster Bolts and extensions are set in place. This is part of the overall design of the tension-mount gate. For more information, see our video "How to Install the One-Touch Pet Gate”.

Can I order a custom-made gate?

Richell USA does not manufacture products on a custom-made basis for individual customers. Richell USA can however offer a product as an exclusive item to retail buyers.

Where can I buy your products?

As a manufacturer - distributor, Richell USA does not sell direct. We have partnerships with online retailers that offer our Pet Products to customers. Click Here

How Can I Sell Your Products in my Store?

Richell USA welcomes all interested business partners who may purchase directly from RUSA following submittal of a credit application and subsequent credit and reference background check. We may also elect to refer you to a distributor of our products. For more information on how to become a Richell USA business partner, click here Become a Dealer.

Do your products have a warranty?

Richell USA, Inc. offers a Standard 90-Day Warranty. This warranty is determined by the date of purchase and extends 90 calendar days beyond. No additional warranties apply. More information about our warranty, Click Here.

Can I order replacement parts?

Yes, and Richell USA offers variety of replacement parts for purchase if you’ve had your product for longer than the standard 90-day warranty period. Richell accepts Visa and Master Card. For order information click here Parts.

Where do I return my product and get a refund?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please DO NOT return it to our corporate office. Contact your place-of-purchase and make arrangements through them for your product return and refund. Because Richell is the manufacturer of the product and not the retailer, we are not authorized to provide a refund.


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