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Richell USA is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality Pet Products that add a sense of style and comfort to your home and family.  Richell Pet Products such as our Dog Kennels, Dog Crates, Pet Pens and Dog Gates, incorporate excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.  In fact, all Richell products are designed to blend into or accentuate home settings.

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Hear what our customers are saying about our products!

We own numerous Richell pet products, including a tall one-touch II pet gate, Richell’s elegant wooden pet bed, two elegant wooden pet feeders and a food storage unit. I can’t begin to describe the expert manufacturing that has gone into each piece. When unboxing and putting together these products, the precision craftsmanship and ease of construction are obvious and much appreciated. It’s easy to see all the thought and consideration for the customer that goes into each product. And it’s obvious Richell uses the most durable and elegant wood possible to engineer their very popular pet products. If you are looking for fantastic functionality, ergonomic ease of use, well appointed and extremely durable pet products, then look no further than Richell’s complete line of pet furniture, pet crates and pens, and of course their world famous pet gates. This is one purchase you will be really glad you made.”

Pet Products


Richell USA's pet products are all about quality, style and function. Each product is made to provide a comfortable solution to pet's needs.

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Pet Products


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