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Nose Print for Dog’s Identification!

Nose Print for Dog’s Identification!


Every dog has a unique nose print, just like our fingerprints are unique identifiers. Since 1938, the Canadian Kennel Club has been accepting nose prints as one form of unique identification for a dog, according to the Calgary Humane Society.

A suggestion they published online to safely check your own dog’s nose print is to put a food coloring (instead of using a stamp pad, since dogs can lick their nose!) onto a paper towel, and gently use the towel to apply the coloring to your dog’s nose.  To complete the nose print, simply press a piece of paper against your dog's nose, and voila... a nose print.

Taking your dog’s nose print can be a fun science experiment for kids, too! Here is a suggestion: Along with the nose print, arrange some paw prints to create an art collage. It would then double as one-of-a-kind art from both kids and dogs. The collage or nose print can then be inserted into Richell's unique product; Picture It Here Freestanding Dog Gate, to make your dog’s favorite area more personalized with his/her own identification! Or, simply frame it and place it on the wall next to your dog’s crate!

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