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A Simple Guide - Outdoor “Potty” Training

A Simple Guide – Outdoor “Potty” Training


If you’ve chosen the correct pen size, your puppy will not potty while he/she is inside the crate/pen.  This is Mother Nature’s way of keeping the home clean. By confining your pet to a small area, you can be certain he/she will not go until you take your pet outside. Keep in mind, however, that puppies can not physically hold it the way an adult dog can. Puppies have to “potty” about every 2-4 hours, most likely right after waking, eating, drinking and playing.

Begin by guiding your puppy to the door, then praising him/her at the door. Then guide your pup to a selected area outside. If your pup does not “go” within 5 minutes, bring your pet inside and place him/her back in the crate/pen. Keep taking your pet out every 30 minutes until he/she goes. Praise your pet! Then give your pup another 5 minutes to make sure he/she is completely empty.  Reward your pup by giving him/her 10 minutes of supervised free time in the house before placing them back in the crate/pen.


After a week of no accidents, you can slowly lengthen the free time in the house. But if your puppy does have an accident, calmly take your puppy outside to his/her “area” for a few minutes before placing them back in the crate/pen. Never scold or punish your pet! Watch your pup closely during his/her free time in the house. Sniffing and circling are sure indicators that your pup is about to go! Quickly and gently take your pup outside.

At about 4-6 months of age, you can gradually leave your pup in his/her home for longer periods of time throughout the day.  By the time your pup reaches adulthood, you will be able to keep the door open all the time.  Your pet is now fully “potty” trained!



  • Never punish your pet by putting or forcing him/her in the crate/pen.
  • Never allow your new pup to roam through your house unsupervised.
  • Always take your pet outside BEFORE placing him/her in the crate/pen.

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