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Spooky Pet Safety

Spooky Pet Safety


Happy Fall Ya'll!


Halloween is one of the most exciting seasons of the year, and it can also be fun for your furry friend! Though, it’s very common for some pets to find that the spooky season can set off anxiety.


From costumes to trick-or-treaters ringing doorbells or even noisy neighborhood events, there’s a lot of stimulation for your little pup or cat. Here are some great tips to keep your adorable pet safe and stress-free on Halloween!




Keep Candy Away from Pets

The most important thing to remember for a safe Halloween is to be cautious about candy and other treats, especially during trick-or-treating. Candy and chocolate are exceptionally harmful to your pets; they can even be toxic.

Speak to your children ahead of time so they know how important it is to keep their Halloween goodies out of your pet’s reach.

You should also have the 24-hour ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center hotline on hand just in case. Opt. out of candy and into homemade treats for pets! 



Tailor Your Pet’s Costume to Their Personality

Sure, it may be tempting to choose an adorable, over-the-top dog costume that grabs attention, but you want your pet to be comfortable.

For example, some dogs may feel comfortable in a full-body costume, while it stresses others out.  Instead of a full costume, opt for an accessory like a headband or a vest. Cats tend to be especially finicky and reject a costume altogether.  



Watch Your Pet’s Reaction to the Costume

If you decide to dress up your pet, make it a point to check frequently on how your pet is reacting to the costume. They may start to become uncomfortable after some time and wiggle free themselves.

You could always pop your pooch or cat in a costume just long enough to take a few quick pictures and then remove it if they seem agitated.



Avoid Pet Stress

Like the 4th of July, Halloween presents a fair number of triggers that stress your pet. With all the commotion, they can get anxious, especially if you have trick-or-treaters ringing your doorbell or knocking on your door. Your dog thinks it's his job to protect you and your home, so he may lose it with the countless visitors.

If your pet is highly-reactive, put them in a quiet room or a pet carrier from Richell USA and check on them frequently. Crate-trained animals often feel safest in their small enclosure.


Prevent Pet Escape

During trick-or-treating or any neighborhood Halloween events, you open and close the front door frequently. This creates an opportune window for escape artists to slip out. Keep a close watch over your pet or put them in a familiar, comfortable room.


Be Cautious Around Street Traffic

If you let your pup outside during Halloween events, ensure they are on a leash. With all the foot traffic, they get anxious. Trick-or-treaters may try to pet them, but strangers can look like monsters even without the Halloween costume. Many dogs find strangers frightening.

Compounding the issue, other families may bring their dogs along for trick-or-treating.  If your dog is highly-reactive or territorial around other dogs, it is best to leave him at home.


Pet Identification

If you have plans to take your pets out during Halloween festivities, ensure they are properly tagged and the information on their collar tag is up to date.



Give Your Pet Some Quality Time Post-Halloween with Richell USA Products

Whether it’s trick-or-treating or a neighborhood event, Halloween can cause anxiety. After you’ve wrapped up for the night, make sure you give your pooch or cat some quality time. This can help them calm down from the Halloween hype.

At Richell USA, we love our pets, and we know how much you love yours. They’re members of the family, after all! We are experts in pet products, so please contact us if you have any questions about getting our products on your store shelves. Have a safe and pet-friendly Halloween!



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