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6 Ways You Can Pamper Your Pet During National Pet Month

6 Ways You Can Pamper Your Pet During National Pet Month


May is National Pet Month, and it’s time to give your furry family member the extra thanks and attention they deserve.

We know you love your pets all year, but at Richell USA, we take this month seriously. Check out our 6 ways you can pamper your pet this month.

Trust us. They’ll thank you later.

    1. Take Your Pet On an Outing

      Dogs and cats love to go on trips with their families. Family outings are very cost-effective ways to spoil your pet. From the dog park to a pet-friendly splash zone or forest hike, there are several ways you can take your pet out for a good time.

      No matter where you decide to go for National Pet Month, Richell’s pet carriers and kennels help get your pet to your destination in safety and style. Whether you are traveling with your cat or camping with your dog on an outdoor adventure, Richell’s products keep your pet feeling pampered on any occasion.

    2. Enjoy Lunch at a Pet-friendly Restaurant

      One of the latest restaurant trends is to have pet-friendly dining areas for their guests. Take a moment and find the nearest pet-friendly eatery near you.

      In fact, several chain restaurants have secret menus that cater specifically to your pets!

      Some of the most popular items your pet will love are:

      • Puppuccinos from Starbucks
      • The Pup Patty from In-N-Out Burger
      • Canine-friendly cupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes
      • The Pup Cup from Dairy Queen

      Even if you just want your pet to join you on a lunch outing, grab some chow and treats from your Pet Stuff Tower so they can enjoy themselves while you eat.

    3. Buy Them Some New Pet Furniture

      Pets are known for lounging around during the day. Let them lounge in luxury this May with some new pet furniture.

      We’ve designed our elegant pet beds to make your pet feel on top of the world while blending in with your home’s aesthetic.

      Each of our designs is loaded with quality, style, and function. Pet furniture from Richell is one gift you and your pet will be able to enjoy!

    4. Indulge Them With a Special Treat

      Your pet’s favorite treats usually come after doing something “good” around the house. This month, toss the rules out the window and treat them to your heart’s desire.

      There is plenty of organic pet treats on the market that will let you spoil your pet without packing on the pounds too quickly.

      If this is a celebratory tradition for you, we recommend getting those extra outings this month.

    5. Adopt a Pet Brother or Sister

      If you have the availability and means to care for another pet, now is the perfect time to support your local humane society. Take some time to meet new dogs and cats at your nearest location and rescue one (or some) from the stress of captivity.

      If you can’t give your pet a new sibling this year, you can always volunteer your time at the animal shelter. Your local shelter will likely accept your help to clean cages, walk dogs, or check-in new residents.

    6. Engage in Pet Aromatherapy

      Pet aromatherapy uses essential oils to maintain the well-being of your dog or cat. Before rubbing essential oils onto your pet, check with your veterinarian and ensure any organic oils your pet absorbs are pet-friendly (not all essential oils are created equal).

      Safe essential oil use pampers your pet and offers the following benefits:

      • Antiviral agents
      • Reduced anxiety
      • Reduced inflammation
      • Mood enhancement
      • Hair growth
      • Decreased risk of motion sickness

Treat Your Pet Right Year-Round With Pet Products from Richell USA

If you want to reciprocate your pet's unconditional love for you, make sure they live in comfort and style at home. Make living at home a happy experience for your pet with pet products from Richell.

Whether you reward them with a new pet bed or purchase some beautiful storage solutions for their food and toys, we have the products that meet your aesthetic needs.

Browse our available pet products today and celebrate your pet before the month’s end!


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