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Litter Box Worries Be Gone

Say goodbye to your old cat litter box with Richell's streamlined alternatives in a variety of stylish colors to match any decor. Our kitty litter boxes are engineered with finicky felines in mind. Litter boxes available in shapes that suit any cat's habits. Choose from a variety of configurations to keep mess in the box and off your floor. Whether your kitty prefers a hooded, high-walled, or top entry box, Richell has your cat covered.

High Wall Cat Litter Box XL

PAW TRAX Dome Hooded Cat Litter Box

PAW TRAX Wide Hooded Cat Litter Box

PAW TRAX Wide Cat Litter Pan

PAW TRAX High-Sided Cat Litter Box

PAW TRAX Top Entry Cat Litter Box

PAW TRAX Rimmed Cat Litter Pan

PAW TRAX Top Open Cat Litter Pan


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