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Dogs and Rain

Dogs and Rain


My dogs get SO excited when it starts to rain. They jump all around at the back porch door, and I usually say “No, it’s raining.”  “You will get wet and dirty, so I’ll let you go outside later.”  Then they stare at me with those sad, begging puppy dog eyes.  The fact that they want to go out so bad when it’s raining has made me wonder why they want to go out and get all wet and dirty.  

What are they so excited about?  
Do they like smell of the rain?

From my human point of view, they should be much more excited and comfortable staying inside and getting comfy in a plush, wraparound dog lounge atop Richell’s Elegant Wooden Pet Bed.

Elegant Wooden Pet Bed (Cushion not includes)

However, I may be looking at this all wrong.  Recently I encountered an article that talked about rain and excited dogs.  It said what basically happens is; humid air more easily traps smells - causing them to linger much longer than they would normally.   Dogs are essentially offered a “smorgasbord’ of smells that are more intense than usual, thus increasing their desire to go on a sniffing (and possibly, marking) adventure, according to www.dailydogdiscoveries.com.  The article also explains there are dogs that don’t prefer rainy weather or are afraid of the rain.  Many times it depends on their experience with rain showers or receiving baths during their puppyhood.

So, my dogs were enjoying a free buffet of smells in the rain.  

Go figure! 

Now that I know what they want and why they want it, I let them play in the rain to their hearts content until they decide to come inside and cozy up beside me in their favorite Pet Hammock.  Oh, the life of a dog.  At least they are having fun with a purpose, and can relax in style and comfort when they are finished with all their exploring in the rain.     


Bamboo Pet Hammock Medium



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